FH29 thinking

March 16, 2024

Well with only having 5 players for GW29 I had no hesitation in playing the FH chip this wk. Although just 3 of those 5 survive my FH selection this wk. Barkley & Leno I’ve moved out & I’ve kept Doughty, Son & Watkins this wk.

Lets face it, this wk will be the only 1 I’ll only own Flekken for example. Roerslev as well, only got him due to Reguilon “might be okay”. Not expecting much in terms of CS this wk from anyone in all honesty. Romero could be Porro but the former seems to get more bonus pts 🤔 & he’s owned by 12% vs Porro 24.2%

I need to take risks as I’m way down the pecking order hence why I’ve got Kudus instead of Bowen. Elanga instead of MGW. Wissa instead of Toney. I know a lot of you will scoff at Wissa instead of Toney but he’s been off it recently with 4 blanks in a row…

Cue plenty of people saying, but Toney’s faced tough opposition… Hmmm the same opponents Wissa has faced & yet he’s scored 3 in the last 3 games. Toney has played full 90’s whereas Wissa has played 77, 86 & 17 mins. The 17 mins was him replacing Maupay in the WHam game in which Maupay scored. So even Maupay has scored more recently than Toney but I’d never get Neal as his minutes are much less than Wissa.

Bowen apart from his hatty vs Brentford & 1 A vs Everton has blanked since GW19. Kudus since GW21 has just had 3 A’s across that period but he’s 8.4% owned vs Bowen 33.5% & I know higher EO players will hurt my rank if they score but I need to take risks with differentials as I’m so far down the ranks.

Watkins going off injured made it a bit trickier, do we risk starting him? It’ll be a case of him playing 90 or 0 mins? So I’ve got Bailey as 1st sub just in case. Muniz I know is a bit of a punt as is Elanga.

I can’t believe others told me to save FH for GW34/37 but I think it’s best using the FH in a BGW. With only 4 games this wk & only 5 players I didn’t see the point of taking a -8/12 hit in order to field 8/9 players! Also with myself being so far down I’d be even worse off with that negative pts!

So if Toney goes off on 1, I guess you can thank me 🫣😅 but what will be will be, as they say.

PS I was asked by 1 of my buddies to set his team for FH29 as he’s having network issues & as he’s doing better than me (partly down to me I’ll have you know 😉) & I’ve gone mostly template for him as he’ll need to protect rank so I picked for him Bowen & Toney as 2 examples. Whereas as you can see I’ve got more differentials in order to try & gain rank.

So good luck 🤞🏼✅⬆️

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