February 19, 2024

So it begins…..

It all began in my second season of FPL when I discovered that there was a whole new world for me – an FPL Community on Twitter (now known as ‘X”). I was a newbie to FPL having finished at 2.5m in my first season so this was a very exciting find.

To my surprise I found that there were Content Creators who not only had Twitter accounts but had YouTube channels giving amazing insight into the workings of FPL, including all the players stats, the various Clubs Histories and how to choose the best Forwards, Mids, Defenders and Goalies for your team. There was even a total breakdown of the best Chips Strategies which I had no clue about. (In my first season I saw the BB Chip and I clicked on it to see what it was little realizing that I had activated the chip for that Game Week) yup did I mention the word NEWBIE !!!

Suddenly realizing there was much more to this FPL Story than I first thought, I started getting more involved on Twitter and also started to watch the various Content Creators on YouTube. My rank slowly improved as did my knowledge.

Now not having a clue about the importance of having “followers” on Twitter, I saw a fellow FPL Manager complain at the low number of followers he had. Big mouth that I can be, I piped up that he shouldn’t worry as I only had 36 followers and that was OK. This set off a chain of events which has led me to this moment in time where I am writing this post.

FPL Arrows (Gaz) (@FPLarrows) saw me write this and as he did “Shoutouts” for the FPL Community, added me to his Shoutout, which in turn increased my number of followers rather quickly. Following his shoutout FPL PZ (Karol) (@FPL_PZ)”, who also did “Shoutouts” for the FPL Community, took me under his wing and added me to his Shoutout. My followers just kept growing and in turn I followed many more FPL Managers and this is how my FPL Journey/Story began.

The FPL Community is made up of around 95% men and 5% women. At the time I had no idea of the stats. Everyone called me ‘bro’ ‘mate’ ‘brother’ ‘dude’ and a few other unsavoury slang words but being that it was FPL and mainly a “Man’s World” I kinda carried on and left it and didn’t correct their thinking until one day when it became necessary (but that is a story for another time) wink wink. I did decide one day to put a photograph of my face up on my profile which had a twofold result. One was a few DM’s from guys asking me if I was single and the other was that men continued to call me ‘bro’ despite my face!!! I still get the odd “BRO” today despite everyone knowing me as OLA.

After a few months PZ asked me if I would like to do Shoutouts with him and soon I got into the swing of things and I am still doing Shoutouts over a year later. Through doing these Shoutouts and being part of the amazing FPL Community on Twitter, I have met awesome FPL Managers, a couple have been a little like your weird Aunt or Uncle that visits at Christmas time or that neighbour you want to avoid at times but say hello to anyway haha but for the most part it has been an amazing kaleidoscope of personalities, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds and understanding that in FPL there is no age or race or gender there is just a ‘like mindedness’ a love of FPL.

The 2nd Season was the most exciting ride of my FPL life – a Roller Coaster of emotions. My rank had highs and lows (at one stage I hit around the 100K mark, which was utterly incredible for me) and I ended up with a rank of 209K. Now we are in my season 3 and I have many many more crazy stories to tell and I look forward to sharing more of my FPL journey with you (hopefully you will find them interesting and not too crazy).

Love Ola xxx


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