February 23, 2024

Double GW 25 was a much anticipated High Scoring GW (by many) due to the elite teams having doubles. Manchester City and Liverpool , two of the top teams, would surely be the teams to target, which most managers did anticipate to get them the elusive 100, which is what we all strive for. Some even invested in Luton and Brentford players on the off-chance they had a great doubler.

For me it was a rather nerve wrecking GW as I found myself to be in the unusual predicament of being in the spotlight – all due to my rank which has surprised me more than anyone else! I suddenly realized I had to bring my ‘A Game’ (whatever that may be) haha. As an FPL Manager who plays week to week rather than a few game weeks ahead of time, I had no Liverpool, Brentford or Luton players. I only had three doublers, which were Man City players, making my GW a “Hide Behind the Couch” gameweek!

It is true that I could have taken a few hits to bring in those amazing Liverpool players and Toney from Brentford – I admit to having FOMO – but then I would have needed to take hits again in GW26 where Chelsea, Liverpool, Luton and Spurs Blank. I decided “From Behind the Couch’ would be my strategy! Now as everyone who has used this strategy knows, it is a terrifying place to be!!! As well as having no ot Doublers other than City, I decided to go against the crowd and TC Foden and the cherry on the cake was Palmer in my team and Gordon on the bench. As you can imagine there were many comments and I had to just back myself (and pray). Oh and I almost forgot that King Salah had returned!!!

The GW started and so far so good, I had a green Arrow, and the green Arrows somehow continued. I felt I could actually get out from behind the couch and sit on it and see how the rest of the GW unfolded. That is, until Man City and Liverpool had their last two games. Caveat~Foden failed me in the first game so now it was a nailbiter and I was back behind the couch! Bad news (for me) came in that Pep was benching Ake (my defender) and I think Foden too, to begin with. Disaster!!! Good news came in from Klopp that most of the Liverpool Elite were injured or fatigued.

As I live in Australia, I miss most of the matches ‘live’ so I go to sleep with trepidation and wake up with a touch of fear. To my utter great joy and surprise I got through the DGW with 91points (2 points clear of a red). The relief was amazing and now Blank GW26 is upon us and the Couch looms ahead!

Green Arrows Everyone,

Love Olaxxx


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