FPL 3rd season for me

March 14, 2024

Hello all… Claire-FPL @Clasamthom & this is my 1st time writing a blog so I’ll start with a brief intro about myself. I’ve been on twitter, now known as X since 2010 & got into FPL in the 21/22 season. I only had 97 followers in July 2022, so became more of a FPL themed acct & with a few shout-outs my followers rocketed! On 2,720 as I type this!

I was a last minute entry into the FPL 21/22 season after being persuaded by work to join their ML & did ok despite some rookie errors along the way & got 2,318 pts. Then in 22/23 season I got 2,430 pts & I don’t have a target OR each season as such. I just hope to get more pts each season… Well it’s been 3rd time UNLUCKY for me with my worst season by a mile!

To put it simply, after GW26 last season I was on 1,583 pts whereas this season I was only on 1,396 pts after GW26! I’m on a good run of form right now with my 5th green arrow in a row but after GW28…I’m now on 1,536 pts! So you can see why I say it’s been my worst season to date?

So what went wrong this season? Started off with wrong capt choice in GW1 & benching Diaby & Chilwell pts put me way off the pace. I did tell myself to listen to my gut more than listening to the twitter FPL crowd, but I think we’re all guilty of this? Then my timing has been off with getting rid of XYZ player in the wrong wk or getting in XYZ after their purple patch 😤🤦🏼‍♀️

So this season has definitely been a sods law type season for me indeed 😬 & I’m on my “best” rank right now of 2.7m OR which is the highest I’ve been since GW4 in which I had 1.9m OR

Recently I have listened to my gut (some of the time) despite others thinking I’m either brave or foolish! Take GW26 for example, I decided to 🧢 Saka instead of 🤖 & that was the right call because Saka 🧢 got 20 pts whereas 🤖 only got 5 pts. But in the same wk I did think about getting in the cheaper differential Sarabia instead of the hyped up Hwang… But I was dissuaded by the twitter crowd & got in Hwang who of course blanked, whereas Sarabia got the only goal in that game 😤🤦🏼‍♀️

So I’ve already written off this season in all honesty but I’ll keep plugging away until end of season. So onto GW29 & I’m already on the FH as I only had 5 players for GW29 & I know its not the best fixtures but no point in me taking say a -8 hit with so few games in 29 so I’ll have a few of the usual suspects as in Son, Watkins but as ever I’ll have a few differentials as I do like them due to their low EO gaining more ranking places especially when I’m miles off the pace.

FH 29 lineup & my thinking of why I’ve gone for certain players will soon follow…


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  • Great read Claire and honest – helps everyone who has had a rough season to k ow that others have too. Love the details❤️

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